Complete a minimum of 16 hours of ground school instruction. Home study needed as required. A minimum of 20 hours of flight lessons, are required including dual and solo lessons. Program includes certification as ground crew and spotter.


• The student must be either a Canadian Citizen, Landed Immigrant or British subject. • The student should be at least fourteen (14) years of age to commence training. Students must complete and sign a medical declaration form provided, indicating that they do not have any of the listed health issues. • Must be able to read, write and speak fluent English.


PRICE LIST – May 23, 2014 Prices subject to change without notice.

Basic UAV Pilot

Total Minimum Cost
Application 1
Dual Flight 10 hrs. @ 110.00
Solo Flight 10 hrs. @ 70.00
Briefings - Flight Lessons 10 hrs. @ 80.00
Tuition - Ground School 16 hrs. Class Setting 4>
Books & Supplies
Pre-solo Test & Administration 40 questions
UAV Theory Test & Administration 80 questions
Flight Test 2 hrs

Note: Depending upon student abilities more training time may be required to complete the program for a pilot certification.

Tuition per hour

DJI, Phantom UAV rental/hour

DJI, S-1000 UAV rental/hour

Download: Registration Form - Domestic Students


Our programs require minimal financial commitment upfront. Typically you pay for your ground school and books upfront, and then all you have to do is have a valid credit card on file that we can bill after each training session.

PREPAYMENT BONUSES (cash - no credit cards)

For prepayments of $1000.00 you will receive a 2% bonus, (Pay $1000.00 to have $1020.00 on your account).
This is available in multiples of $1000.00 (2000, 3000, 4000 etc.).


Students may book flight lessons at their own rate, depending on time and money restraints. The UAV Pilot training can be completed in as little as 4 weeks. Many people attend school or work full-time while getting their pilot certificate. Flight lessons may be scheduled according to student availability.


    Medical: It is recommended that the medical declaration be completed before flight training begins to ascertain that you meet the medical standards. Your medical declaration must be completed and submitted before your instructor can let you fly solo.

    Documents: Required at the time of enrollment or prior to solo flight:
    1. If Canadian born:Passport,Birth Certificate or Baptismal Certificate.
    2. If born outside Canada,one of the following: Canadian Citizenship Certificate, Canadian Immigration Identification Card, Canada Entry Record, or a Passport.

    Ground School: Students are required to attend a minimum number of hours of formal lectures on subjects such as Air regulations, Airmanship, Navigation, Meteorology, Theory of Flight, Pilot Decision Making, Engines, Motors, Airframes, Electronic Systems and Radio Communications. Upon completion of ground school and a minimum of 50% of the required flight time, the student may take the written test UAV THEORY.

    Flight Lessons: The student may commence flight lessons immediately after enrollment. Instruction is available during daylight hours seven days a week. The instructor will give the student a briefing prior to and after each flight lesson. Upon completion of flight training, the student must pass a “Flight Test”, in order to qualify for a Pilot certificate.


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